Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are one of the most typical plumbing issues in homes. Even if you perform regular maintenance and take great care of your pipes and drains, they will still clog from time to time. When it comes to severe blockages, our team of experts at Milestone Plumbing is who you will want to work with. We are licensed profes­sionals that carry the necessary equipment to clean your clogged drain.


If your home needs drain cleaning, you’ll usually notice one or more of the following warning signs:
  • Water backups. When water fills up your sink or tub from the drain, you have a clog in your pipes or sewer line. This can be unsanitary and cause water damage, so be sure to call right away! Don’t wait.
  • Frequent toilet overflows. If your toilet clogs or overflows frequently, you may be having sewer line problems. It’s best to seek a profes­sional plumber’s assistance to solve the issues.
  • Slow-draining sinks. If you notice that the water takes forever to go down the drain or that your plumbing gurgles as water drains, there may be a blockage in your pipes
  • Bad smell. If a foul odor is coming from your kitchen or bathroom drains, there may be something blocking your drain. This is likely caused by grease or food particles.