About Us

Milestone Plumbing inc. is a woman-owned plumbing business that focuses on the proactive service of your plumbing while addressing your concerns. 

We use our years of expertise to ensure the proper instal­lation and products for every job and perform the necessary maintenance to keep your plumbing running smoothly.

Jessie Cannizzaro started Milestone Plumbing in 2011 in her Wauwatosa basement and garage. She grew up joining her dad on the job at his plumbing company, learning to solder at the age of 7. Her passion for the business continued to develop over the years through appren­ticeship and after earning her bachelor’s and MBA at UW-Milwaukee. After launching Milestone, Jessie soon moved it to the location where her dad’s plumbing company had been for many years. After years of success, we have moved to a larger location to accommodate our growing team and business needs.

Now, Milestone Plumbing works throughout the Greater Milwaukee area serving Brookfield, Cedarburg, Delafield, Elm Grove, Franklin, Germantown, Greenfield, Hales Corners, Menomonee Falls, Mequon, Milwaukee, New Berlin, South Milwaukee, Shorewood, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, Whitefish Bay and more!


Operations Manager

Scott is a family man who loves classic cars and home renovations. He also loves assisting customers when they need Milestone most. His favorite food is pizza and he enjoys spending time with his family and his dog named Mac. Growing up, Scott loved family camping trips, which remain some of his favorite memories.  We asked Scott what his favorite Summer Festival was and his answer was the State Fair!


Administrative Assistant

Katie is one of the voices you’ll hear when you call Milestone! While at work, Katie enjoys helping people through high-stress situations. When her day is done, she devotes her time to her family, raising her daughter with her husband and enjoying their two cats, Panther and Gizmo. Her favorite memory from childhood is traveling up north. Katie’s favorite Summer Festival is Italian Fest!


Administrative Assistant

Trina is one voice you’ll hear when you call Milestone. Her favorite part of her Milestone work day is the camaraderie of the team — everyone works hard but together has a lot of fun, every day is different, and she enjoys celebrating the small wins! When not at work, Trina enjoys spending time with her family, which includes a dog named Whiskey, a cat named Tonic, and two hermit crabs named Shellie and Hermie. She loves popcorn to snack on and her Summer Festival of choice is Irish Fest!


Administrative Assistant

One of the first hellos” you hear when you call Milestone belongs to Allie. She enjoys problem-solving for callers: When they’re not entirely sure where to go I love to help them through the process. It’s a super awesome feeling.” Allie spends much of her spare time outdoors and has a pit bull-chihuahua mix named Dobbie who absolutely looks like Dobby from Harry Potter.” Her favorite childhood memory is spending time Up North with her family, and her favorite summer festival is the Lakefront Festival of Art.


Field Operations Manager

Charlie enjoys riding and working on motorcycles and watching or attending Nascar and racing events. While at work, Charlie enjoys using his plumbing knowledge and hands-on techniques to design, build, and repair plumbing systems. He and his wife, Amanda, have two dogs named Savannah and Lola and a rabbit named Kevin. His favorite snack is sour gummy worms, and he also loves the State Fair!


Service Plumber

What Alex loves the most about what he does at Milestone is the type of work they perform at clients’ homes and the joy of seeing the work done well. When Alex isn’t working and taking care of our customers, he enjoys spending time with his family the most. His favorite childhood memory is a trip to California, and his favorite food is pizza. Alex prefers the State Fair when it comes to Summer Festivals here in Wisconsin.


Service Plumber

Dan says the most satisfying aspect of his job is being able to help resolve people’s plumbing problems.” When he is not working, he enjoys woodworking and playing most sports. His favorite food is Mexican food, and his favorite snack is jalapeño chips. Growing up Dan’s favorite memory is going to a St. Louis Blues Hockey game. Dan said his favorite Summer Festival is the Air Show!


Service Plumber

Evan enjoys working for Milestone because of the team atmosphere and how much he can learn about the plumbing industry. Outside of work, he spends his time playing video games. As a young lad, he enjoyed skiing with his family. His favorite food is street tacos, and his favorite snack is Cheez-Its. Evan’s favorite Summer Festival is Irish Fest!


Service Plumber

When asked what his favorite aspect about working at Milestone is, Jake said, ​“Turning ideas on a piece of paper into a complex, code-complying, and functional plumbing system.” Jake loves music, history, fantasy football, and Chinese food. Growing up, he loved youth football. When asked about Summer Festivals, Jake’s favorite is the Holy Apostles Family Festival. 


Service Plumber

James enjoys working with his hands and being able to help others. When he’s not working he likes to play sports, travel, and learn new things. One of his favorite childhood memories is traveling around the country with his family. His favorite food is mac and cheese, and went with the Strawberry Fest as his favorite Summer Festival 


Service Plumber

Josh enjoys working with his team members and helping customers with their plumbing needs. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his kids and family. Josh loves to eat fish and shared that Christmas mornings are his favorite childhood memory. Josh chose the State Fair as his favorite Summer Fest.


Service Plumber

Kevin enjoys working at Milestone Plumbing because every day is different. He also enjoys working with customers and is very passionate about teaching. As the Service Manager at Milestone, Kevin helps the apprentices and pre-apprentices sharpen their skills and learn more about the plumbing industry. When not at work, he enjoys cars and fishing! He has a dog named Dash, and his favorite food is pizza. One of Kevin’s fondest memories is the joy of Christmas morning and the beautifully decorated tree. Kevin’s favorite Summer Festival is the Italian Fest.


Service Plumber

Luke loves working at Milestone because of the pride he has in the work he does for clients. He finds it rewarding to use his skills and knowledge in the field. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, dogs (Millie and Pico), and cats (Shade and Ru), and also enjoys fishing and gaming. As a young lad, Canadian fishing trips were his favorite. Ask Luke about his favorite recipe, Ponza. Luke says vacation is his favorite Summer Festival.


Apprentice Plumber

Two of Adison’s favorite things about working at Milestone are the family atmosphere and the team’s dedication to being great.” Two of his favorite things when he’s off work are his pets Millie, a mini Labrador, and Maverick, a cane corso. His favorite childhood memory is spending time at his grandfather’s dairy farm in Fond du Lac, which still milks about 1,500 cows. These days he likes exploring the outdoors and Milwaukee’s nightlife. His favorite summer festival is Summerfest.


Apprentice Plumber

Tyler enjoys working with the Milestone team and learning all about plumbing from his co-workers. He enjoys spending time with friends and family and he also loves to fish and work out. Tyler’s favorite snack is rice cakes, and he has a dog named Mojo. His favorite childhood memory is completing his first canoe trip with his dad. Tyler chooses Summerfest as his favorite Summer Festival.


Pre-Apprentice Plumber

Growing up, Philip loved family camping trips with relatives from around the state, when they’d spend the week together fishing, swimming, and catching up with each other. Today, Philip loves the family atmosphere at Milestone. We all get along and have a collab­o­rative approach to everything.” An Eagle Scout, Philip is still camping with the Boy Scouts of America and enjoys hiking, bicycling and rock climbing. His favorite summer festival is the Wisconsin State Fair.


Youth Apprentice

Evan has always liked hands-on work, so when he learned about Milestone he knew it would be a fit. There’s something new every day, he meets lots of people, and the work is definitely hands-on! He plays for the Franklin High School baseball team and describes himself as a big sports guy.” His favorite childhood memory? When all my aunts and uncles and cousins went to Disney World for two weeks.” He’s been a roller coaster fan ever since. His favorite summer festival is The Wisconsin State Fair.