Milestone Foster Friends

Milestone Plumbing has added Dog Fostering to our line of services in hopes of expanding community awareness about finding homes for abandoned pets.

Our goal is that by raising awareness this can have a ripple effect in the community, helping people understand the importance of rescuing a dog,” said Jessie Cannizzaro, who in addition to being Milestone’s founder and owner is a lifelong animal lover. Maybe a family will see our social media posts about Bruno and decide to get a dog. Or a client will tell another client. If the word can spread, it can have a huge impact.”

Milestone has partnered with Tailwaggers 911, an all-volunteer rescue group based in Saukville. Cannizzaro says the team plans to work with rescue groups throughout the Milwaukee area on future Milestone foster pups.

Current Foster

Stay Tuned For Our Next Foster!

Adopt-A-Pup Successes