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May 25, 2023

Ensuring your sink and the parts of your sink are cared for and maintained is crucial when preventing smelly water and poor water quality. Watch this video and learn the best tips and tricks when it comes to lavatory sink care!

Hi, I'm Jessie with Milestone Plumbing and today we're going to talk a little bit about lavatory sink care. A common question we get to our office is people will call and say that the water smells bad when they turn on their lavatory sink to wash their face, brush their teeth, or just to simply get a glass of water. One of the areas that this can be caused by is the water quality. If they're turning on the hot water only and they're getting a sulfur like smell, but they're not smelling it from the cold or anywhere else, that can be an issue that's happening with their water heater. There's an anode rod inside, and if that starts to break down, that can cause that odor to happen and the water heater may need to be serviced if the odor is coming from the hot and the cold water, only from the water. And they're able to decipher that maybe by putting the water in a glass and they take and just kind of waft what the smell is, that could be a water quality issue sometimes ion when it's inside of the water and high concentration ions can cause there to be an odor and water treatment equipment might need to be installed or possibly need to be serviced to correct the aesthetic water issue.

Another area that the odor can come from and often is described to us as a sewer like odor is the drain area inside of the sink. There's two different areas of the drain. This is the pop up area that holds the water and allows the water to go down. This spot over here is the overflow. Sometimes the overflow is on this side of the sink. Sometimes it's on the back side. Some sinks don't actually have an overflow inside of here. There is a channel underneath that's cast into the sink that allows the water, if it starts to get too high to go over through this little hole, get down into the drain system so that the sink does not overflow. Bacteria can back up inside of this channel and also down inside of this drain and cause those odors that are sometimes not very pleasing when you're getting ready to get ready for the day or get ready for bed.