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Bathroom Maintenance with Milestone Plumbing

May 11, 2023

Correct and proactive bathroom maintenance, especially in your shower drain, is crucial in ensuring everything runs properly and stays in working order.

Transcript: A common source of odors inside of the bathroom and an area that requires regular maintenance is a shower drain. The simple shower strainer here, Usually you can see if there's hair that's accumulated on top. 

Good rule of thumb is just every time you use it to remove that hair so it doesn't get down inside of the drain system. But sometimes you'll get a stagnant odor when you turn the water on that might get stirred up inside of there. And it could be showing you signs that there's some bacteria underneath. 

So it usually you can remove these. This is a pretty easy pop on off. And you can see that over time a lot of different bacteria has kind of accumulated. There's a little bit of soap scum inside of there. Getting access to that allows you to take an old toothbrush to kind of clean and to scrub that so you can wipe away those germs and get rid of anything that could be causing that odor. 

It also allows you to open up that drain and use a tool. And you can get this at a big box store. It's just got these little splines on it to get down inside and you can turn that counterclockwise or clockwise to try to remove any hair that's gotten down inside of there. Also removing it so that you have access to it allows you to use that toothbrush to kind of scrub those walls so that you can use a little bit of a cleaning product to get this all back to being almost brand new. Get rid of any odor. That's maybe cause there. 

Another important thing to remember is just to keep that drain flushed out well to so that you don't have water sitting down inside of the trap where it's a little bit harder to get to. Again, as we've talked about in the past, not a good idea to use Drano and other products in there. The best way is to be proactive and keep the hair from going down into the drain so that you don't have to worry about a blockage that's happening further down the system.