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5 Ways Your Plumber Can Prevent Household Headaches (And Bills!)

November 22, 2022

Letting a plumbing problem go undetected can cause big headaches. Hidden leaks, blockages and venting problems might escape your notice, but over time could become an emergency. They can lead to sudden malfunctions, to damages in your home or business, and to repair bills you weren’t planning on. Not to mention higher water bills if you have a slow leak somewhere.

But how do you know if a minor inconvenience might lead to a major mess? Sometimes it’s not that easy to figure out, and that’s when you need a trained, certified plumber to help.

At Milestone Plumbing, every visit to a home is a chance to help someone prevent plumbing problems from occurring. We’ll make the repair you need, but we’ll also help you know how to prevent it from recurring. And we can help you spot signs of trouble before they get worse — and expensive.

Here are five great ways a plumber can prevent problems from sneaking up on you.

1. Diagnose slow drains

If you’ve tried a plunger and checked the P trap and your drain is still being pokey, it may mean there’s an obstruction deep inside the pipes, and one that will only get worse over time. A plumber has the equipment and know-how to find the hidden obstruction and remove it. At Milestone, we don’t stop there — we’ll make sure there isn’t another underlying issue. For instance, are your pipes installed at an angle that inhibits the flow of water and encourages clogs? Is your sink’s air vent clogged and in a hard-to-reach place? If so, the team at Milestone can help. And we won’t leave your house without offering tips about preventing clogs in ways that won’t harm your pipes. (Hint: don’t use harsh chemicals!)

2. Diagnose poor water pressure

You might have already tried clearing debris from your faucet’s aerator, which is a common cause of low pressure. Maybe you’ve checked your faucet’s water valve. But if water pressure is still a problem — and especially if it involves more than one part of the house — you’ll want a professional to assess the situation. It could be a clog deep inside the pipes (see item #1), a leak that’s diverting the flow of water, even a malfunctioning main valve. A professional plumber can safely repair a valve, pull pipes apart, or do any other complicated tasks that might be required.

3. Detect faulty hoses

You might be surprised to learn that manufacturers and insurance providers recommend replacing washing machine hoses every five years even if there is no sign of wear. Each washing-machine failure costs more than $5,000 on average, according to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, and faulty hoses are responsible for more than half of those failures. Water damage from a dislodged or broken hose can be a serious problem and a major expense. If you can do a visual inspection of your appliance hoses, that’s a start. But hoses can be hard to get to, and an experienced plumber knows how to spot subtle signs and fix the problem.

4. Inspect a sewer line

Over time, the pipe that runs between your home and the city’s main sewer line can become blocked by root intrusion, non-dissolvable items like wipes (don’t believe those labels that say “flushable”) and even cooking grease. Shifting or settling ground can cause problems, too. Sewer backups in and around your home can be costly and damaging. We can conduct an inspection to check for blockages and advise you about preventing an unpleasant emergency.

5. Conduct a full plumbing inspection

Insurance and home-inspection professionals suggest a plumbing inspection every two years — more frequently if your house is more than 40 years old. Once again, it’s a way to get ahead of problems that can turn into expensive, damaging and inconvenient emergencies. Certified plumbers like Milestone can do a comprehensive visual inspection, camera inspection (which explores inside your pipes), or both to get ahead of the problems we’ve listed here, and more:

  • Old and defective piping at risk of rupturing or clogging

  • Uninsulated plumbing pipes at risk of freezing and bursting

  • Water heater problems

  • Dripping faucets

  • Toilet problems

  • Undetected leaks in walls

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